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Know Your History, Know Yourself
Acrylic Mural, 20' x 12'
Sterling Municipal Library
Baytown, TX

Created by HUMA 2319: American Minority Studies, Spring 2016

This mural project was created in collaboration with students from the 2016 class of HUMA 2319: American Minority Studies at Lee College, which focused on Chicana/o/Latina/o Art. It was an extroadinary opportunity to work with Lee College students to create a work of public art that could potentially become a cultural fixture in the community. Students participated in the process from beginning to end, choosing the mural form fairly early, fanning out to obtain possible locations, and designing and executing the project.

The project allowed students to explore the multi-ethnic history of the region, both its uplifting and complicated aspects. Since then, the City of Baytown has adopted additional mural projects, which was the original hope. Check out the video below to learn more about the "Know Know History, Know Yourself" mural project.

The following students participated in the project: Caine Salazar, Emily Blumentritt, Felicite Herrera, Alma Castilleja, Cristina Serrata, Abigail Lopez, Karla Amezcua, Maria Montemayor, and Leslie Castro.


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