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Orlando Lara
Artist, Writer, Educator

I recently completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Cornell University where I taught both freshman writing and creative writing. Before that, I obtained a Master's degree in Anthropology and a Certificate in Culture and Media from NYU. While there, I worked with undocumented youth in the city just prior to the eruption of the mass coming out movement.

I am an artist, writer, and scholar. I have done work in photography, documentary film, cultural studies, creative writing, and have focused especially on the melding of storytelling and the social protest arts.

I currently teach Mexican American Studies and English at Lee College and am working with local efforts to develop Mexican American and Ethnic Studies at multiple levels. I also continue to work with immigrant rights and other local struggles.

Works and Projects

Web and Photo:
Sed: A Trail of Thirst
Wounds in the Sand

"El Buddha"
"Elizabeth's Story"
"Arpa Viajera"

Creative Writing:
For When I am Weak (in-progress)

Special Interests

Immigration politics, stories, and rights
The formation and development of ethnic studies
Vulnerability, masculinity, race, and self-formation
Creative writing and the social protest arts
Cultural studies and the decolonization of academia

Social Media

Twitter @UndocuLabs

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